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Our company has 10 years experience building family ECO houses and log cabin.
The company is in Skopje the Republic of Macedonia and is located on the surface of 8500m2.In the company instead administrative and store space has production hall dryer,Association for the painting and smearing all over of the wooden elements, fastener workshops, etc...Our company has competent personnel of architects,structural engineer for inside design,making the activity projecting and performance of the family houses sports halls,industrial buildings,catering objects and building up to 3 floors. Referent list of our company available in a large number of high skilled professional workers in this area.


Our competent personal shall possess all licenses for projecting monitoring,urban arrangement,audit and execution Our Company is big.We have built over 400 buildings in the Republic of Macedonia,Kosovo,Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey. Instead company's office in Skopje has opened office in Paris-France.Manufacturing program of the company is great. We produce:family ECO houses standard and your project, lodge, all kind’s marquees,balcony,bar,family courts, restaurants,cafeterias summer terrace,Cookie for home pets and others.For our company's products provide a guarantee of quality depending on the type of the facility.